Helping Peterborough’s Homeless

Helping Peterborough’s Homeless

A message from Peterborough Homeless Helpers (via Fiona, Sops):

Peterborough Homeless Helpers would like to thank everyone who has kindly donated to us – clothes, rucksacks, toiletries and other items, food, storage space and time.

We support the homeless and those in need. Already this year we’ve served over 500 meals and more than 700 hot drinks. We’ve provided crisis care for two rough sleepers and assisted others with hospital, doctor and dental appointments. We’ve signposted people to official routes for obtaining help (PCC etc) and transported people to the Soup Kitchen for food they were otherwise too infirm to reach. Together we have successfully transitioned two long term rough sleepers off the streets, supported with job interviews and even helped rehome much-loved pets. One poor gentleman had fallen foul of a fraudster and came to us for help. Then there are the lucky few who are offered accommodation – they come to us for help and support too, as this is another huge challenge for some, albeit a more positive one.

We aren’t a charity, don’t have full time volunteers, paid staff or a premises to work from – we’re just a bunch of people who care passionately about helping those in desperate circumstances.

We work alongside and in partnership with organisations with the same goals. We don’t judge. We smile and welcome people – offering friendship and support. We remember they are all someone’s brother, sister, son or daughter.

We wanted to say thank you – because it’s all of you that make so much of it possible.


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