Verdi Requiem

We were approached to perform the Verdi Requiem by Peterborough Opera as they had seen us sing several times and had faith in us being competent enough to take on the role of the chorus, so please don’t worry, we will be great as usual!  It is an honour to be asked to perform with the City of Peterborough Symphony Orchestra (CPSO) and Peterborough Opera (PO). What we need to do is to listen to the whole Requiem as often as possible to get the flavour of the order of the piece, then listen to the tracks and practise, practise, practise. 

Rehearsal aids and other information……….

  1. Rehearsals – updated rehearsal schedule
  2. Learning tracks (free) on Chordperfect – click on Verdi and all the appropriate tracks for each voice part are there. When you get used to it, it’s easy to follow your part
  3. Guide to Latin pronunciationClick on relevant ‘MP3’ to hear that section.
  4. Latin text to use in conjunction with the Guide to Latin Pronunciation. This also shows some breakdown of the score into sections with page numbers, and whether chorus or soloists are singing.
  5. YouTube: “Proms 2016 – Verdi – Requiem (Marin Alsop, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment)” or “Verdi: Requiem / Bychkov · BBC Symphony Orchestra · BBC Proms 2011”.
  6. Tickets: Tickets for the Verdi performance can be ordered online through the CPSO website –  By inserting the code TN141118 you will receive a discounted rate on the tickets. Some tickets (at non-discounted price) are available from Sheila. For visitors with mobility needs or a wheelchair please email Deirdre Culloty (CPSO Chair) direct on to arrange seating.
  7. Dress code: All black. If ladies wear dresses/skirts (long or short) then please wear black tights, if black trousers then black socks and of course shoes should be black and comfortable. Although we will have chairs there is a lot of standing and the stage will be quite crowded. Ladies’ tops must have sleeves, no bare shoulders please, if in doubt then please check with Sheila! No scarves or ties on this occasion. Men to wear black shirts – not polo shirts or T-shirts
  8. Fliers & posters: These are available at rehearsals. Please take some to display on local noticeboards, shops, in your car etc.
  9. Full rehearsals with CPSO & PO:  March 19th (8pm) & March 26th (7.30pm) – both at Queen Katharine Academy (QKA).  On March 19th, we will start at 7pm (at QKA) to give time to rehearse the material for the KS Choral Spectacular.
  10. Arrangements on concert day (March 30th):  Full rehearsal at QKA from 2.30 to 5.30. For anybody wanting to stay between the rehearsal and performance there will be a room set aside for you to get changed into ‘uniform’ for the concert. As there will be a lot of performers we will also have somewhere set aside for us to leave belongings when we are on stage.
  11. Front of House:  If you know of anyone who can help out ‘front of house’ on the night, either stewarding, serving refreshments (which will all be ready) then please let Sheila know so she can pass details to Deirdre – they will, of course, be able to watch the performance for free!
  12. Stage seating: A seating plan for the performance will be drawn up so that people are in voice groups and familiar with those around them.
  13. In general: Rehearsing is not just knowing your own part but that of all the other voices as well. We all need to keep practising with the learning tracks. The more confident we are with our own part then the more easily we will be able to listen to other voice parts and know where and how we fit in. We do need commitment to make the performance a success for everyone. It’s not often choirs get to perform with full orchestra so let’s take full advantage of the experience while we can!





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